Leadership requires a broad vision, people development skills and habilities to reach results.  A pleasant role that carries important personal efforts. Change the inner position to see the situation from different perspectives and motivate teams requires to review the own values, beliefs and assumptions to create new behaviours.

During the coaching processes we stimulate creativity for the coachee to mobilize the inner and external resources to lead his or her own changing process. Doing so, we enlarge the range of responses in front of a situation, having more patterns to create relationships. We generate a process of learning that merges all resources to lead from sense and intention.

In a safe environement, through the questions, game and analisis tools, we design the learning process that will bring your success. Coaching processes have a duration between 6 to 9 sessions. The result is to improve the manager key skills and the impact he or she has in the organization. The process can be activated by an individual petition or by the company. And it can be in the frame of an organizational changing process or because there’s a personal challenge.

El proceso de coaching ejecutivo me ha servido de gran ayuda en un momento crucial de mi carrera, facilitándome el asentamiento en una nueva posición acelerando mi desarrollo tanto profesional como personal.

Director Técnico Àrea Siniestros – Sector Seguros

I had the privilege of receiving special coaching sessions with Carles who was my coach and who managed to get me more focused on the project and has taught me on how to prioritize my work amidst competing demands for my time.

Emergencies Coordinator – World Food Program

Carles creó un sólido puente entre dos orillas que me permitió atravesar mi propio proceso de cambio. Fué un buen trabajo de equipo.

Coordinador Ventas – Sector Alimentación